Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a methodology for managing data and processes for the whole life cycle of a construction project, from early concept designs through to construction, including the facilities management and analysis of an asset.

BIM aims to ensure information between all parties involved in a project is current, consistent, well managed and communicated. At the heart of BIM is the ‘information’ and in order to design and manage this model of information, computer based tools are employed.

BIM is increasingly being adopted by engineers, architects and builders to intelligently design buildings by creating a digital representation - a simulation of every aspect of a build. Embedded and produced within this model is the full documentation required on the project, which forms a central hub for the information.

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Content Partner

Fabricated Products has worked with BIM Store, one of the leading authorities on BIM in the industry, to develop and bring our offering to market. BIM Store is part of the BIM technologies group and has worked with BIM for over 10 years.

Fabricated Products models are primarily available as Autodesk Revit families, but are also natively usable in Bentley AECOSim (Using their RFA plugin) and also in IFC formats if required.

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Available BIM Content

MagVent Dirt Separator, MagVent dirt separator Removable base, MagVent air and dirt separator, MagVent air and dirt separator removable base in sizes from 50mm to 450mm & the EasyTreat chemical dosing pot system.

Coming soon

The following Fabricated Products Revit content will be available soon:- Hydronic Separators, Buffer Vessels

Air and Dirt Separators
Bim Store
Air and Dirt Separators Clients 1
Air and Dirt Separators Clients 2
Air and Dirt Separators Clients 3
Air and Dirt Separators Clients 4
Air and Dirt Separators Clients 5
Air and Dirt Separators Clients 6
Air and Dirt Separators Clients 7
Air and Dirt Separators Clients 8