Demountable Magvent Dirt & Magnetite Separator

Remove dirt and magnetite sludge from heating and chilled water systems in one unit.

The unit is comprised of a very fine stainless-steel strain and a high-gauss magnetic rod to provide a very powerful cleaning device.

The unit will remove even the smallest particles (down to 5 micron and less) while all magnetite which flows through the unit will be 100% removed.

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MAGCVD - Dirt & Magnetite Separator

Why should I choose the MAGCVD-R?

Easier to Install:
The unit is 40% lighter than any other unit on the market making it easier to handle and install.

Lower Lifecycle Costs:
Due to the units resistance to corrosion which limits the degradation in service, downtime is reduced which lowers the cost for inspection, maintenance and repair.

Reduced Energy Costs:
Due to the smooth surface of stainless steel friction is reduced which requires less energy to pump water around the system and allows the sludge and dirt to be flushed quicker and easier from the system.

10 Year Warranty:
As stainless steel is inert in water it does corrode like mild steel therefore, we are able to offer a full 10 years warranty.

Reduced Running Costs:
The unit holds the heat from the system 3 times longer than mild steel alternatives. This means that running costs are lower as the system does not have to re-heat the water in the system.

Demountable Base
Only the filter and not the whole unit needs to be removed for it to be inspected or cleaned.

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