Electro-Polishing forms a protective layer on both the inside and outside surfaces.

Unlike paint which sits on top of the steel, Electropolishing converts the surface “skin” of the steel into a smooth, corrosion-resistant, stain-resistant surface which resists corrosion even when scratched or damaged. Also, the smooth internal surfaces allow better flushing of dirt and sludge in your system.

Benefits of Electropolishing

  • Aesthetically bright appearance
  • Hygienically clean surface
  • Maximum corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to surface bacterial formation
  • Reduces surface roughness by up 50% - makes flushing dirt & sludge easier and gives better results.
  • Increase flow rates through the units.

Electropolishing Superior

Electropolishing removes the outer skin of metal along with the imbedded contaminants. When the outer skin is dissolved, not only are the imbedded contaminants removed, the surface becomes smoother eliminating defects where bacteria can harbour and corrosion can initiate. The end result is the electropolished part is 30 times more corrosion resistant when subjected to salt spray testing. In addition, the surface is much more suited for food, medical and pharmaceutical.

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