A Safer Way of Sampling Water in Boiler Plants

If there is a requirement to sample hot or boiling waters, the installation of sample coolers is essential for the following reasons.


To ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. The health and safety act 1974 requires employers to provide a safe method of sampling water in boiler plants.


A significant portion of any heated water sample will be lost to atmosphere as steam flashes off which means that the resultant sample will not be representative.


Opening of drain plugs or loosening of pipe can be extremely difficult regardless of the safety hazard.


Sample coolers should be installed whenever it is necessary to obtain a sample of water from a system where the operating temperature exceeds 60° C, ie steam boilers, steam and condensate mains, closed heating circuits, and water systems.


  • Stainless steel Shell.
  • Fixed coil.
  • 10mm Stainless Steel coil type 1.00mm wall thickness, annealed condition. Suitable for pressures up to and including 139 bar @ 336 degrees C.
  • Max. Working pressure for the shell 14 bar.
  • Coolant inlet and outlet 1/2" b.s.p.
  • Sample flow controlled by a 3/8" (10mm) valve. Cooling water by a 1/2" valve. (No valves are supplied by Fabricated Products).


  • Open the cold-water inlet valve fully and ensure cooling water is flowing to drain.
  • Open the sample-regulating valve slowly until system water starts to flow, then allow sample to run to waste for a suitable period to purge the stagnant water in the sample line.
  • Regulate the sample flow until a stable temperature of 15 degrees. C then collect sufficient volume of water in a suitable container.
  • When sample has been acquired close the regulating valve then the cold-water inlet valve.


The sample cooler should be installed as close as possible to the system take of point at a height to facilitate convenient operation; the unit must be mounted vertical.

An isolating valve capable of withstanding the full system pressure should be installed immediately to the take of point.

The cooling water should be taken to a suitable drain through a tundish.

Water sample cooler

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