Inline Vs. Side Stream Filtration

What's the best solution for removing air (microbubbles), dirt, and sludge (including magnetite) in your heating or cooling water system? An Inline unit or a side stream unit?

Inline Separator Side Stream

The unit is constantly separating air and microbubbles and dirt from the system. As 100% of the entire volume of water flows through the unit all dirt, air & microbubbles are removed.

This leads to a longer life for the boilers, pipework, and other expensive equipment.

As the unit is installed off line or side stream approximately 4% of the water may be only treated.

No filtration has taken place leading to corrosion of boilers, pipework, and other expensive equipment.

Separators are easily installed at the optimum position for maximum efficiency.

This may be in the flow or return, or even both depending on the system requirements.

Can only be installed in one position.

These may not be installed at the hottest part of the system to remove air and microbubbles.

These may not be installed in the return to remove dirt or other particles.

Optimum positioning for maximum efficiency cannot be achieved. This is for the removal of any dirt or air and microbubbles.

Excellent costings giving value for money.

Expensive failures can be costly.

Our Inline Filtration Systems


How It Works


How It Works

With a local heritage in working with stainless steel, we offer superior stainless steel air and dirt separators.

  • Reduced Lifecycle Costs
  • Lighter Weight
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • British Design & Manufacture
  • Easy to install and handle
  • Corrosion Resistant
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